Where to See Parades and Fireworks Today


The Los Angeles County Fire Department is reminding people in the Hollywood Hills and elsewhere that fireworks are strictly forbidden in hillside areas due to extremely dry conditions. But there are plenty of other places you can celebrate our nation’s Independence, with parades and fireworks throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.

For daytime fun, Pacific Palisades has a large, fun parade every year, and actor Ed Asner will be the Grand Marshall of this year’s parade, which starts at 2pm. There are also large parades in Santa Monica, Westchester, and Huntington Beach, where “Hulk” star Lou Ferrigno will make an appearance. Hopefully loud noises don’t make him angry.

Once the sun goes down, there are also many places to see fireworks, with some of the largest shows in Downtown Los Angeles, Redondo Beach, Calabasas, Marina Del Rey, and the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Don’t forget to keep your pets indoors, in a quiet room, as many pets can be scared and disoriented by loud fireworks!

For a list of today’s parades and fireworks, click on this link.


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