Where Do You Want To Live?

It’s a great big spread out city we live in and while it definitely has its foibles and bad government, it’s one of the best places to live in United States. Just ask the east coasters who have to dig themselves out of their homes and haven’t seen the sun in 4 months. Weather aside, we have access to everything and everything you could ever want here and you should always get out of your bubble, but in reality, where we live is usually where we love. It’s wonderful to live in a community or neighborhood that you love. But because we live in such an eclectic city, there’s always another one you might love too.

I live Mid-Wilshire/Hancock Park and I love it. It’s got beautiful areas, not so beautiful areas. It’s centrally located. Most importantly, all the best restaurants surround me.

So what’s your favorite neighborhood in LA? Is it where you’re living now or is it somewhere you would like to be living or is it just a place you like to admire from a far. Wherever it is, we would love to know and why.

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