What Should Be Good In Your Hood – The Melrose District

As a San Fernando valley native, I remember how exciting it was to venture to Melrose for a day of shopping. In it’s heyday, the main drag between Fairfax and La Brea was always packed with tons of eclectic people and unique shops and restaurants. There was an electric vibe, but during recent years that electricity has gone dead. Aside from a few standouts on the street, it’s mostly filled with vacant shop windows and so-so stores that always seem to be empty. It’s a sad sight for the once world-renowned street that was once a premier shopping and people watching destination.

That’s why it’s such good news to hear that the LA City Council has approved $40,000 in city funds, which will be matched by Melrose property owners, to form the Melrose Avenue Business Improvement District. This will allow the organization to focus on improvements such as security, graffiti control, improved lighting, sidewalk maintenance, better parking options as well as marketing and advertising. Property owners even have plans to rename the neighborhood, “Melrose Village.”

It would be great for the city for Melrose to be restored to it’s previous personality. We all miss it!

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