Thinking About Selling? You Should Be…And Here Are A Few Ways to Get The Highest Price

People – if you have been pondering selling your home – then now is the time to get in there. While the inventory levels are still low and you can drive your price up just by virtue of there being so many Buyers ready and willing to bite, you should get your house into the mix!

But first, before you let anyone in, here’s how you can make sure Buyers feel the love when they first walk in the door. This little piece in iVillage gives you some fun ideas on how to inflect a little excitement and fun into your house. Of course, it depends on the style of your house – you want it to look appropriate and not like you copied straight out of article.

I particularly like the idea of creating a cozy nook where you can read,  drink a cup of tea or partake in a cocktail – I think this idea adds warmth to any house even an austere one.

Here are a few ideas:

















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