Support Girl Scouts and Send Cookies to the Troops!

Who doesn’t admire Girl Scouts or love the delicious cookies they sell? I admit I do love me some Samoas, Thin Mints and Tagalongs. But sometimes I just don’t want them lingering around my house tempting me, but it’s always nice to support the local Girl Scouts. So I’m torn!

Well, here is a fabulous solution that will make everyone feel good. Today, you can have cookies sent directly to our troops oversees! These cookies will support the girls and provide our troops a much needed taste of home. It’s a win/win.

So head on down to your local grocery store or track down that young lady in your neighborhood and order some up. And since you’ll feel really good about what you’ve just done, you just might be entitled to one box yourself! Choose wisely – they’re all sooo yummy!

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