Save Money On Gas–Get Your Metro Pass: “More Rail In The Works”

Looking to save money on gas whilst supporting “Green-Friendly” transportation alternatives? Well, look no further than your trusty Metro! Good just got better!! Thinking the Metro isn’t a feasible alternative for you and your needs? Guess again! With new, groundbreaking strides, Metro is expanding all over the greater Los Angeles region, with expansions as far west as to Santa Monica.  Still curious? Don’t just take our word for it–see what Metro has to say.  Discover a new world of car-free possibilities to make you carefree.



Metro line expansion:

Changing Mobility in Los Angeles – and More

The new Expo Line is leading the way in regional efforts to shorten commutes and increase mobility. It will provide faster, more reliable public transportation services and increase the capacity of the transportation system in Los Angeles County. By giving those who live, work and play in the Exposition Corridor an alternative to driving, the Expo Line will contribute to reduced levels of air pollutants and greenhouse gases, thereby improving the overall quality of life. “”


The role of rapid transit in Los Angeles County is ever-expanding and Metro is spearheading the regional effort to plan, design, improve and maintain the most modern and cost-efficient rapid transit system in the country.






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