Restaurants in Los Angeles – Don’t Evah Miss Eva

I’m all about trying new restaurants, particularly when they include some sort of deal. So, when I had the opportunity to try a restaurant that I’ve been yearning to try foreva(sorry, had to) and I buy a coupon from Living Social allowing me to pay $20 for $40 in value and it’s DineLA where we can get three courses for the low, low, price of $34 (not really that low) I’m in!

So we arrive at Eva on Beverly in the Fairfax District which resides in the old home of Hattfields to find a small film crew – apparently they were filming an editorial piece for Virgin America’s in-flight program. So let me know if you see me if your flying into Los Angeles during December and January.

Our very friendly waiter provided us the options for the three courses (which I was already quite aware of).

For the first course, we ordered the organic egg cooked very slowly. I know this sounds utterly mundane, but an egg cooked right is divine. It was served with poached chantrelle mushrooms, a teaspoon of a tomato sauce for color and acidity I assume and  what I thought was a little rectangle of toasted brioche. When I bit into that little rectangle I immediately recognized it was not brioche, but kind of chewy, breaded fish, I thought to be calamari and learned later it was cuttlefish(they’re sort of similar). It was an interesting addition to a very subtle dish and my guess was it was to add another texture – but it was one element that seemed a little strange to me. I also found it difficult to eat. You couldn’t really cut it because it was in a bowl and I didn’t have a sharp knife – I would have preferred the brioche. Who doesn’t like mopping up yolk with bread! It’s the only reason to eat a poached egg. Unfortunately, I was so excited to dive into the delightful little bowl, I forgot to take a picture. Sorry, but I was much more aware for the second course.

I had the cod poached in brown butter and my boyfriend had the steak and potatoes – so easy to read aren’t we? Seared in nutty brown butter which provided a lovely crunchy crust, the fish was again, very mild and sat in a foamy, light colored broth. But really, my favorite part of the dish were the vegetables. Again poached, maybe sous vis, along side the fish was a large mushroom (no idea of the genus), an artichoke heart and a baby turnip. I really liked the dish, but I did think it might be missing a little punch of flavor. It was a pleasant dish. I only got one bite of the steak, if that says anything – it was quite tasty.

Finally, we were at the part I wait for through whole dinner – dessert! I am a dessert girl. If it didn’t mean diabetes and extreme weight gain, it would be all I ate. Cry me a river I know. And just because I only got one bite of steak, doesn’t mean it would be the same for dessert – he knows dessert is different. Anyway – I think the deserts were definitely the best part of the meal. The first was a rectangular flourless chocolate cake with a layer of ganache on top which was speckled with a chunky salt. Lest I forget, the dalop of chocolate cream on top and the dots of chocolate and heavenly carmel to the side of the cake. Well – it was absolutely rich, indulgent and smooth, just the way a flourless cake should be. I could have eaten five.

Happily the other dessert was steamed lemon pudding with a merengue topping and took us to the other extreme. Light, tart and airy is how I would describe this. It was too good and too small. I could have eaten five.

So, overall I thought it was a good meal. I would go back again. I was amused by the cowboy hat wearing chef who spent quite a bit of time in the dining room, I think because they were filming the Virgin piece – but who knows, maybe he just likes to be around the people.

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