Real Estate in 2013

If you are contemplating buying or selling in 2013 be aware that a fresh start must begin with a qualified, competent lender! Save yourself endless hours on the computer searching for your dream home or trying to guess what your current home is really worth. Nothing matters until the numbers are crunched, your debt to income ratio has been reviewed and perhaps your taxes filed.

Cash buyers are bountiful and loans are not a slam dunk. So if you are serious about a change, act serious.

-Make a list of what you hope to achieve, and if you have a mate do it together.

-Decide what you want your payments to look like going forward and what the best loan options are to achieve that goal.

-Be creative on paper and use that creativity as a springboard. Unless you have a written pre-approval from a lender you are not ready to make an offer! We are always happy to provide you with local lender referrals.

-Rely on professionals who can provide you with up to date information. Do not rely on cocktail party banter, where real estate stories are usually blown out of proportion, missing key parts of the real story, or simple “puffery”.

Wishes and fishes are just that, be real and you will be amazed at what a great job our team can do for you.

Wishing you a prosperous New Year,

Patricia, Jodi, Lauren & Devin

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