Public Transportation in LA – Are We There Yet? Not Yet, but Soon, Maybe

Recently I spent some time in Seattle. Of course I was struck by the convenience and cleanliness of their rail system. I’ve also used BART in San Francisco and felt mostly the same way. So how come it’s been such a cross to bare in the huge city that needs it most? For exactly that reason, it’s such a huge city that was built for cars. Now of course, as air pollution and gas prices have become front burner issues, the city is finally trying to make a push to expand LA’s rail system from one end of the city to the other.

Currently the metro system is in the final phase of environmental analysis of the Westside Subway Extension. That means extending the purple line – it would go from downtown through Century City – though right now, there’s only funding through Westwood.

We can all dream of what it would be like to finally have a  truly accessible subway system in LA that reaches across the city. It seems like it would be a Godsend, but people are funny. I am so curious, if it did finally happen ( and if it does, it will be a long while away) will people forgo their second homes (so easy to drag all your crap around, control your climate and not touch others) and use it. We all complain about having to drive everywhere and sit in traffic, but I just wonder if push came to shove, would the people of this city really evolve.

What do you think? Would you give up your car and ride a train to work…even if you had to walk a few blocks or more to get to your office?

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