On Tuesdays We Tour LA – Sheltr Group Caravan

For a majority of the city, Tuesday is the day for brokers and agents to tour homes for sale so we can see what’s new and learn about the inventory in order to be able to intelligently communicate the market to buyers and sellers. Some days you see some good stuff, some days not so good, but today we saw a variety of homes ranging from 16 mill to 949k and they all presented some interesting opportunities.

1. Dr. Phil’s Home in Beverly Hills for $16,5000. I was pleasantly surprised by this home, particularly how quiet it was considering it was on a busy street in Beverly Hills. As you would imagine, there was quite a bit of detail and finishing work that stood out here. But what I found most unique, interesting, odd (?!) was Dr. Phil’s shower in the closet. I guess it makes it convenient to get showered and dressed!

2. A Nine Million Dollar Deal. Does that sounds like a possibility? With a few caveats, it is. Particularly if you are looking for a house and views that look like this.

3. One for the Architecture Buffs. Looking for a project? Want to update a mid-century classic built by Ed Fickett? We saw a great opportunity today on a cul-de-sac for $899.

4. One for Who Wants to Be Above the Strip, but can’t Afford the Usual Pricetag. Another true fixer, I mean, probably needs to be taken down to the studs,  but just reduced to $949 – you just can’t beat that price.

5. Sunset Strip Piece de Resistance -If you’re looking for home to entertain that integrates modernism with naturalism and provides a view to die for this one would do it and only for round $7,000,000.

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