Get a flu shot: Special options: A high-dose vaccine for people age 65 and older…Intradermal (small needle) shots for adults ages 18 to 64…FluMist nasal spray for people ages 2 through 49.

Rehearse fire-escape routes: Fire Prevention Week is October 7 through 13. This year’s theme – “Have two ways out!” from every room.

Twitterers: October is National Cyber Security Awarenenss Month. Don’t tweet your location. Ignore messages or tweets that promise to deliver thousands of followers. The links may compromise security.

Protect your car against Halloween mishaps: Raw eggs and aerosol string can wreak havoc on older car finishes. If you leave a vehicle outside, wax it beforehand.

Watch a scary movie: Classics include The Birds, Night of the Living Dead and Psycho. For other favorites see www.RottenTomatoes.com/guides/best_horror_movies.

Article from Bottome Line Publications.

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