New Building Trends – Where do you fit?

As the number of large development projects of new-homes decline, particularly in the planned community sector, builders and developers are rethinking their design strategies.  Some of the large developers are selling smaller chunks of their land to developers for smaller building projects.  Some of these developers are selling acquired land in smaller segments to builders who are now designing homes to fit life cycles well as  life styles of people.

Young couples working at home may be looking for financially conservative homes with wireless connections verses more luxurious starter homes.  Many young adults are choosing energy efficient live/work loft spaces in urban environments close to restaurants, entertainment and community services.

Empty nesters looking to downsize from large homes are in search of smaller homes with open floorplans and high ceilings as a trade-off for size.  Newer homes built with 2 master suites conceiveably can accommodate either a pair of home buying roommates, single parents with children, or generational families choosing to live together.

Aging adults preferring alternatives to traditional assisted living communities have some developers drafting designs for new age living for those 65+.  The idea is to capture a non-hospital style setting for a future population of senior citizens that are vibrant and want to live in surroundings that reflect their zest for living.

In today’s market, with our ever changing society, exposure to our melting pot culture, and lifestyle trends, the “one size fits all ” model does not apply.  So perhaps before you consider your first, or next home purchase, you may finding yourself asking, “What is the best home environment to fit my lifestyle?”  And when you do, remember, the Sheltr Group is here to serve you.

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