Mercury Retrograde – December 10th through 29th

Communication a little funky right now? That’s because Mercury rules communication and during retrograde, it appears that the planet is going backwards. So, Mercury retrograde gives us time to catch up with ourselves, and to look back. Something from the past might return in a different form.This can mean people, ideas or buried insights that need to surface for you to move forward. Often it’s felt as a contemplative time, depending on the sign, a chance to go over old ground again, to claim what you missed the first time.

Ultimately as Mercury turns direct on December 30th, we move into the New Year of 2011 with a revised plan that will be put into place on January 4th, as the Solar Eclipse opens new doors of the opportunity.

Mercury Retrograde will provide the changes that set the stage for 2011. And Mercury turns direct on the 30th – just in time, happily!

So wait for the new year to write those contracts or form those new corporations, because if you don’t you’ll probably have to do it again next year!

So, now’s a good time to look for a new home or get your home ready to put on the market. But, if you really, really want to initiate a purchase or a sale, we’ll work it out for you!

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