Luxurious Touches That Make Your House Stand Out When You Sell

I recently read an blog on Trulia I think bares some repeating. It’s what makes a good house a great one. Little things that may not seem that important to you really stands out to buyers and can differentiate you from other similar listings they may be looking at.

Bathrooms: It’s amazing how important bathrooms are considering it’s the place you blank, blank, shower and bathe. But change your mindset, think about your bathroom like you would a spa. Think about the type of counters, the type of sinks, the color of the walls and of course, the lighting. Don’t forget to add fluffy towels and spa-like candles.

Paint & Wallpaper: These two elements can really make a difference. And you can really create luxurious looks with them. Two great sites to look for ideas are and Here are some great tips to choosing paint colors. Think about doing just one wall of paint or doing your powder room in a cool looking wallpaper. You won’t believe your difference when you’re done.

Built-In Anything: Honestly just gotta copy Tulia’s post here because I really agree what she says about optimizing your space particularly with cool unexpected little touches. A wine refrigerator really doesn’t cost much, but you can’t imagine the buyer bang you would get for it. Here are some more ideas:

Consider building in:

  • Storage systems. From shelved nooks to closet organizers to garage grids for sports equipment, storage systems eliminate clutter and make sure there’s a place for everything, and that everything has a place. If you can afford a custom cabinet installation or custom closets, they certainly offer the fancy moldings and modules that create luxury appeal.  But many home improvement stores now offer much less expensive versions of these systems that look and work great.
  • Desks and bookshelves.  Like storage, but activity-specific, built-in office equipment maintains order and can turn a dead corner of a room into a highly useful workstation.  To replicate this functionality on the cheap, find a corner or nook and put in an armoire-style workstation that closes and folds up when you’re not working.  And built-in bookshelves are a time-tested selling point when your home is being sold, by the by, so, if you have an empty area from old-school built-ins which were removed, installing inexpensive shelving might be a great way to go.
  • Recycling/compost/trash centers.  Try as we might to minimize it, we all generate trash. Built-in centers with clearly marked waste receptacles make this dirty part of life less messy and more manageable.

Dedicated Spaces: The original blog talk about Candy Spelling’s wrapping paper room. That’s no joke. I remember a guy in high school had the same thing in his house and it was so impressive. So what other kinds of spaces could you have. What about a screening room, what about a craft nook, what about I don’t know a special cooking space for making pie crusts. These things are really impressive to buyers.

Automation: There’s really nothing cooler than automation. What can you automate in your house besides your garage? Get a house like the Jetson’s and you’re sure to please. Take a look at this Popular Mechanics article

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