How to Maximize Small Bathroom Space

  1. A shower panel next to the shower door can be integrated with shelves and a towel bar.  The shelves can be glass, metal or any material of choice, making use of existing space without cluttering a wall.
  2. Adding a large framed mirror above the bathtub or on any wall can add the illusion of space and extra lighting reflected in the mirror.
  3. Customized floor-to-ceiling shelving with a box-styled base can cleverly disguise a toilet tank and add shelving behind what appears to be a free standing toilet.
  4. Use of mirrored walls and glass with a splash of boldness in color can make a modest bathroom fell like a lively modern space to maintain personal hygiene.
  5. The “Smart Bench Pur Air” is an alternative to the traditional toilet.  With its imaginative bench-style design, this functional toilet doubles as a bench seat when the top is down.

6.The “Square Wood” Corian and oak bathtub by Moma has useful storage for books and towels built right into the frame.  This convenient feature frees wall space for practical or creative design use.

7.A mounted mirror with shelving on the reverse side keeps toiletries or accessories off counter surfaces while keeping them out of sight.

8.Decorative shelving above the rear of a bathtub can serve as a partial alternative to wall cabinetry above or below sink areas that can potentially crowd the room.  With creative planning, shelving and storage areas can add both functionality and style.

9.Wet room. Why clutter a small bathroom with a traditional tub or fully enclosed shower when the room can be completely open?  Perhaps one glass partition (if you must) added to your designer hardware can turn an otherwise small bathroom into an airy suite for your lavatory needs.

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