Hollywood Hills Mid-Century Remodel- Almost Done!


We are finally nearing completion on the Upper Nichols Canyon remodel we started several weeks ago. It has been a real challenge! While we have remodeled a number of homes, this is the first one we have lived in during the construction. We had difficulty finding a short-term rental that would allow our two dogs and two cats, and it definitely helped our budget to stay in the house for most of the construction… but we would not recommend it to many people!

We bought the house in November, 2012. The moment we set foot in the house we knew it was perfect for us. We had been living in a two-story hillside home, with great views, that we had remodeled as well… but our older dog, Clyde, was having major difficulties with the stairs. This new property is a single-story Mid-Century modern in a great neighborhood in Upper Nichols Canyon, just off Mulholland, with wide streets, no power lines, and sidewalks… and the house has a nice backyard and no stairs to challenge Clyde. Here is what it looked like before construction, and after demolition:



Though we loved the floorplan, the house had not been remodeled in over 30 years, and we knew we were in for a challenge. We brought the entire kitchen down to the studs, pulled out some soffits on the ceilings that were unnecessary and took up too much space, and put in earth-friendly cabinetry from Crystal Cabinets in Minnesota.  A new window and door replaced the malfunctioning older “garden window” and broken sliding door, and we put in some simple, thin white subway tile, NO-VOC pure white paint, and all-natural Quartzite counter tops to finish the look. We also added the most era-appropriate floors we could find: all-natural Marmoleum floors… very similar to the original flooring you will find in many 1950’s homes.

With each new project, we always learn so much. This has been a challenge, but also very rewarding, and gives us more knowledge to pass on to clients who need advice about remodeling… whether it is for a purchase they are making or for their existing home. We have made all the mistakes we could possibly make, so we can help our clients avoid them in the future!

More pictures of the current kitchen here: 2952 Nichols Canyon Remodel. We took the 80’s out of this Midcentury home! Here are a couple more “before” and “after” pictures:


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