Going Green in LA

Architect Frank Pasker and designer Grit Leipert are the first in Los Angeles to receive a permit for their home’s gray water system in the Mount Washington area.  Their Nob Hill Haus discharges such a limited amount of water that Pasker & Leipert receive a 60% reduction in sewer charges from the Bureau of Sanitation.
Purchased in 2008 while looking for a new home and new challenge, the couple decided to incorporate something new and sustainable in their home design.  This 2,400 square foot property has a 1500-gallon cistern that collects rainwater delivered to a spigot and hose, and a gray water system using waste water from laundry, bathtub, showers and sinks for irrigation.  Both systems, designed to work exclusively with gravity, uses just a series of pipes – no pumps, electricity or filters.
Other green features of this home include solar panels for heating, recycled glass insulation, a solar water heater, and a ventilated facade made from recycled CDs.  The facade between the wall and recycled CDs creates an air-filled gap to help keep the house cool.  The use of sliding glass doors, floor-to-ceiling windows, decks, patios and balconies yields tons of natural light to indoor-outdoor space created on each level of the house.
In May, Nob Hill Haus received an award from the city for outstanding creativity in sustainable design.  Both Leipert and Pasker, who met in Germany while pursuing master’s degrees in architecture, are accredited by the U.S. Green Building Council for their Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

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