Drop of the Day – Biggest Reduction on Homes in LA

Today in Real Estate in Los Angeles….What’s the saying, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall?” I guess it pretty much makes sense for these high priced homes as they continually have to make significant reductions. If you’re selling a $20,000,000 house, a $50,000 reduction ain’t gonna impress anyone. So today let’s check out the high end and the lower end of things. Another day in Real Estate in Los Angeles

1575 Carla Ridge, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Old List Price: $11,900,000.00

New List Price: $10,700,000.00

Difference: $1,200,000.00

Now this house is not as tony as the first one, but hey it does have good views.

3330 Troy Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90068

Old List Price: $799,000

New List Price: $595,000

Difference: $204,000

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