Do You Pin?

There are so many things to do that waste your time these days, particularly online. But now there exist a place to totally waste your time while really, helping you save time at the same time! Oh… time  – you are an anomaly wrapped in enigma. I don’t know if that’s really true – it’s just fun to say. Finally, I’m going to get to the point here and by point, I mean pin – Pinterest that is.

It’s basically a bookmarking site, but the format is clean and you can find things you might never have time to search for, but really are interested in knowing about. Here is my Pinterest page where you can see all my different boards. Now check out some things on my “Things to Remember” board. Right now I am drinking this Super Metabolism Water from Dr. Oz that someone else posted. Crossing my fingers that it works!


Then there’s something like this showing how to easily clean my microwave! Genius. I don’t have to search for this – I know exactly where it is.

Source: via Lauren Tarne (REALTOR – LOS ANGELES) on Pinterest

Now how does this work for a real estate junkie? The question is how it doesn’t it? Wanna document your dream homes? Do it there! Wanna find a color scheme you love? Do it there? Wanna know how to arrange your pillow prior to selling your home? You’ll find it there and then you can pin it to your own wall so you can figure out which of the ten ways you think will look best in the pics. There’s just no end to the useful and of course non useful. But be careful, it can become and addiction – though if you’re just addicted to Pinterest.. I don’t think you’re doing so bad.


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