Cool Tools That Make Home Improvements Fun

Are you thinking about putting your house on the market? Do you know it needs some updates before you do? Don’t procrastinate and dread, just pick up some new tools that will make it fun and more important, easier.

Here, Yahoo and Woman’s Day profile 7 great options to make a dull chores much more exciting.

My faves are The Green Toad because I love the name and anything that makes painting easier gets my vote. How annoying is it when you have to reach awkward angles and you have to figure out which brush to use and then you drip and it’s a whole thing. Apparently this tool alleviates all that.


The other tool that I would choose for myself – someone could care less about tools – is multitasker, Kelvin 23. It’s little profile does the work of 23 tools. Now who wouldn’t be happy with this space saver? Check out the video to show how you can use it.





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