Be Neighbors with Leonardo DiCaprio on the Bird Streets in Los Angeles!


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With names ranging from Oriole to BlueJay, it is no wonder how the area recieved the exclusive nickname of “The Bird Streets.” The Bird Streets is the equivelant of SoHo in New York. It is luxury living for the young and wealthy; parallel to the movement of your wealth in Tribeca and West Village. With stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio(Every house he owns is there), Halle Berry and Tobey Maguire, it is no wonder why The Bird Streets is the place to be. In this area you are not only paying for the land and the building, but also the views. The building restrictions protect the views that you own, in order to protect neighbors from blocking them. If you can afford it, there really is no better place to be.


If you, or anyone you know would like to move into the Bird Streets,

give us a call at 310-888-2422



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