Baked Goods In Your Hood – My Top 10 Bakeries in LA

Did you watch Top Chef: Just Desserts? I have and it has really elevated my already insatiable yearning for baked goods. I shore love me some baked goods and there are so many great places to buy baked goods throughout the Los Angeles Area. As a real estate agent, you drive around the city a lot so it’s important to have to go-to places everywhere, though if I ate this stuff as much as I thought about it, let’s just say my jeans would be muuuuch larger. And with the holidays so close, I thought I would provide some ideas of where you could get your sweet on or you could make them yourself! Here’s a round-up of my favorite places in no particular order.

Now when you’re thinking about which community you want to live in, this might help to sway you towards one or another. I know it would me…

Susina: This is a bakery and cafe right off of Beverly and La Brea. They have the best little baby cookies which are great if you don’t want to over-indulge. You can get a 1/4 pound for $5 which is a great little gift for someone special. A lot of people use Susina as a place to hang out with their computer – you can sneak the Wifi from Starbucks next door.

Maison du Pain: Maison du Pain is in a kind odd location right off Pico in the PicFair District where there seems to be a lot of car repair places. This street has been slowing evolving and I would say that Maison du Pain is one of the reasons why. Here they have fabulous French delights. The almond croissant is to die for and can only be dethroned by almond CHOCOLATE croissant. They have beautiful bread too. Around the holidays they get super busy – they have awesome rolls in all sorts of flavors such as olive, rosemary, whole wheat and my favorite brioche style. MMMM butter.

Larchmont Bungalow: One of my favorite streets in Los Angeles is Larchmont. It’s still got that unique neighborhood feel that has become so rare in LA. So I love to go there and just hang out and people watch. One of the newer places on the street is a bakery and cafe called Bungalow. The food is good, albeit a bit pricey, but one thing that I am truly enticed by is their red velvet cupcake. But the way I’ve eaten it, is in their pancake form, which lets be honest, it a mini cake, three or four of them if I remember clearly. And what do they come with, you guessed it, cream cheese frosting! While it’s not the healthiest, let’s be honest, there is no health associated with this dish, it is virtually impossible for me to refuse. And what’s more, my favorite self-serve yogurt place a few doors down, Twirl, provides crumbled red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting as a topping. YUM!

Joans on Third: Ok, Joan’s i s a standard for almost everything. It’s one of those places that kind of like a mecca for foodies and they have a breakfast sandwich to die for. And of course, they also have a phenomenal baked goods section. Every time I go get anything there, I drool over that section. But, one thing I would like to highlight as delectable is the Apricot Cream Meringue Cake. It is indulgent, let me tell you, not that everything at that place isn’t. I dream about being stuck in this place overnight for the baked goods and everything else!

Huckleberry Cafe & Bakery:If you’re on Wilshire and 11th in Santa Monica, it is a must for you to head over to Huckleberry. While the seating is a bit of a mess, I think the food and the baked goods are absolutely gorgeous and so fresh! There are two items I feel very passionate about at this restaurant and bakery – the maple bacon biscuit and the salted carmel square. While everyone is adding bacon to everything these days, this was one of the first times I had it in a buttery, flakey biscuit glazed with maple and little flecks of bacon. The salted caramel square is also smooth and brown buttery with enough salt to cut the sweet. It has a nice little square of flaky pastry on the bottom to pul the whole thing together.

Champs Elysees: I got acquainted with this little, French bakery on the south side of Robertson during a past job. I can’t tell you how many times I ate the Frenchy sandwich, a buttered baguette with ham, gherkins and greens, for lunch. It’s a real neighborhood place. Again, I say go for a croissant – either an almond or chocolate will suffice.

Sweet Lady Jane: Right around Melrose and La Cienega will you find this little treasure. Known for their gorgeous cakes, my hands down favorite at this place is the triple berry cake. Go in, get some coffee, have a slice, take a nap (maybe have some tea). Yummy and great birthday cake.

Magnolia Bakery: This NY transplant of “Sex and The City” fame just recently opened up at 3rd and Orlando. It’s got an old school 1950s kitchen vibe with curtains and everything. This place made its name with its cupcakes, which are actually pretty basic, though tasty. But the treat that makes me smile is the banana pudding. Wow this stuff is good. It’s got all the good things that banana pudding has, nilla wafers, banana slices, but the thing that’s different is that the pudding is whipped and soooo light. You can go in there and a get a sample in a little cup, sometimes that’s enough and when it’s not you can go for the pint.

Yummy Cupcakes: I like cupcakes. I do. I have not tired of the trend though I only partake every so often. Of course, there are tons of cupcake places, but for some reason I like this one located on Wilshire and 4th around Santa Monica. They have some basics and then they rotate the special ones on a daily basis. While I also like Sprinkles, the reason I really like this place is they’re not as expensive and you don’t have to wait in a line to get one! The cake is pretty good too. Not dry. Try the almond…. I think I really like almond. This is the third time I’ve mentioned it!

Jin Patisserie: Jin Patisserie is wonderful. It’s located on Abbot Kinney, my other favorite community street in LA. It used to be a little house, but it was converted to a tea house/patisserie. It’s got a little fenced-in, Asian style courtyard that’s surrounded by bamboo. For around $30 you can have afternoon tea for two that includes tea (of course), tea sandwiches, little breads and intricate, jewel-like patisseries. It’s a wonderful thing to do with visitors or on a mild Southern California afternoon.

So that’s it, I’m still dying to try Babycakes downtown (vegan baked goods that are supposed to be amazing) oh if you are downtown, make sure you stop by the gorgeous Bottega Louie for French macarons.

Now, did I miss any? Let me know what your favorites are?

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