5 Simple Cleaning Tips

Whether you’re getting your house ready to sell or you just want a clean house(don’t we all!), here are some simple cleaning tricks to cut down on future cleaning time.

  • No one wants a stinky trashcan. After you clean it, place a couple of used dryer sheets on the bottom. They’ll mask lingering odors.
  • Keep extra garbage bags (or a whole roll) at the bottom of your trash can and never again have to retrieve an apple core from a bagless bin.
  • Keep the microwave clean by placing a dozen paper towels on turntable to catch spills. Remove one each time you use the microwave.
  • Stop using bar soap, it’s full of binders that cause soap scum and clog drains. Switch to liquid or glycerin bar soap instead.
  • To stay ahead of the game when it comes to cleaning tiles and grout, keep a toothbrush in the shower and scrub away mildew whenever you see it.

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