4 Tips For Protecting Your Home When You Are Away

When we go on a vacation, the last thing we want is the neighborhood to know. Here are 10 simple tips on how to make your home less of a target when you are away:

  1. Don’t post on facebook/social media while you are away. While it is hard to not update your status, try to let everyone know after you have gotten back from your trip.
  2. Ask neighbors to speriodically park cars in your driveway. People will see cars there-and not there, making it appear you are home.
  3. Continue with yard work and  have someone grab your mail. Make everything appear normal, not a vacant house with papers laying in the front.
  4. Leave a light or two on. While it will waste electricity, it will also make it appear someone is home.

By doing one, or four of these tips it will appear that someone is home while you are away. In turn, making it less of a target!




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