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If it’s not obvious yet, food tends to be a passion of mine – that is, aside from Real Estate. For this reason one of my most favorite things on our list of 365 Things to do in LA is eat.  And there are many, many places to eat. I’m proud to say I’ve gotten to quite a few – its a badge of honor for me. Each year, a method I use to sample multiple restaurants in a short period of time is to take advantage of dineLA.

dineLA offers three-course lunches and dinners at three different Budgets (Deluxe, Premiere, and Fine Dining). It’s not like it’s so inexpensive, but there’s still some allure to it. In any case it’s great to try restaurants you haven’t or go back to some of your favorites you miss.

Tonight dineLA begins its one week appearance (Jan. 23-28 & Jan. 30-Feb. 4) only to reappear, in October, I think. Take a look at the breadth of restaurants offered – from mundane to mouth-watering.  Take a look at the menus and see what appeals to you. Cleo, First & Hope and The Bazzar are on my list. What’s going to be on yours?

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